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Randy Holden- Surf 101 - Live - DVD

Randy Holden
Lead Guitar, Vocals

Jac Ttanna
Rhythm Guitar

Dusty Watson

Matt Quilter

Margaya 2:34Holden
Little Ollie2:29Holden
Highway Surfer2:34Holden
Malibu Run2:49Holden
Margaya return1:01Holden
Rogue Wave5:07Holden
Swamp Stomp3:07Holden


Many Thanks to "Jac Ttanna", the original Rhythm Guitarist of the Great Surf Music Band
"The Fender IV". Jac came to California with Randy in 1963. Many Thanks to "Dusty Watson"
on Drums, Dusty now on tour with the famed "Sonics", and previously Drummer for the ever
Legendary "King of the Surf Guitar - Dick Dale" for 12 years. Many Thanks to "Matt Quilter"
on Bass, Matt is the Organizer of the "International Surf 101 Convention", Celebrating its
13th Year August 13th at "Alpine Village, Torrance CA. An email arrived from Matt Quilter
inviting Randy to do a Live Performance of his still popular Surf Music from 1963. Randy
had not played his Surf Music for 50 years, but was thrilled at the invitation. As Randy
put it, "he'd forgotten how to play the Surf Songs he wrote 54 years prior, and had been
50 years since he last played them. But he quickly reacquainted himself with the fun songs.
as he remembered it, the Surf Music era was some of the most Pure Fun Times he ever recalled
playing music. Randy was further surprised to learn of the resurgence of Surf Music with many
contemporary Surf Music Bands playing Randy's Surf Songs today, and are just as fresh as the
day they were first heard. Its long been said "There is no greater compliment one can receive
than to learn other musicians and bands are playing music you wrote over a half century ago.
For Randy It's a bit phenomenal, but is highly appreciated. Its become very clear "Surf Music
will never die" (as a friend once said) so "Long Live Surf"!


Recorded Alpine Village, Torrence CA
Video: Salvatore

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