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The Other Half (1968)

Randy Holden - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Nowlen - Lead Vocals, Harp, Guitar
Geoff Westen - Guitar
Larry Brown - Bass
Daniel Wood - Drums

Introduction1:50Holden, Nowlen, Westen
Feathered Fish 2:38Arthur Lee
Flight Of The Dragon Lady2:36Holden, Nowlen, Westen, Brown, Wood
Wonderful Day2:21Holden
I Need You2:46Holden, Mike Port
Oz Lee Eaves Drop2:29Nowlen, Westen
Bad Day2:18Holden, Nowlen
Morning Fire2:37Holden, Nowlen
What Can I Do For You
  - First Half2:45Holden, Nowlen, Westen
  - The Other Half6:57Holden, Nowlen, Westen


Recorded At Golden State Recorders, San Fran., Calif.
Produced By Larry Goldberg, Leo De Gar Kulka, Hank Levine & The Other Half
Cover Design & Art: Tom Hall, Patterson-Hall Associates, San Fran., Calif.
Liner Photography: Tom Hall
Art Direction: Christopher Whorf
Special Thanks To: Mike Port


The Other Half

Jeff Nolan: Vocals
Larry Brown: Bass
Randy Holden: Guitar
Danny Woody: Drums
Geoff Weston: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
(Left to right) 1966

The Other Half - Discography:
Mister Pharmacist - I've Come So Far/66GNP/Crescendo 378
Flight Of The Dragon Lady - Wonderful Day2/67Acta 801
I Need You - No Doubt About It7/67Acta 806
What Can I Do For You - Bad Day3/68Acta 819
Morning Fire - Oz Lee Eaves Drop5/68Acta 825
The Other Half5/68Acta 38004
The Other Half/68Vogue Int
Mister Pharmacist - I've Come So Far -/66Vogue Int 18112
It's Too Hard - I Know


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